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Golden Acoustics, LLC

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Troy, MI

Golden Acoustics, LLC has researched room acoustics and the science of sound for more than a decade. Doug Magyari, GA's CEO and Founder, has been an innovator in both studio and live recording, audio production and is considered a leader in studio design and construction. Golden Acoustics' new technologies and methodologies are being recognized as the Gold Standard for room acoustics. The Golden Acoustics Sonic Distribution Panels and supporting technologies are breakthrough advances that have applications in every environment from the recording studio, to the office building, to the manufacturing facility. They set a new standard for acoustics and sound management at an economical price.

Sound Science

The material used to build GA's Sonic Distribution Panels is a proprietary, spray type, polymerized gypsum developed by USG. This material is integral to our product's performance. It gives us the necessary amount of mass to truly be effective in managing sound waves of all frequencies and its unique properties allow us to spray into an open mold to create complex parts in an efficient manner.

Sonic Distribution Panels

All of the Sonic Distribution panels are based on a single, patented, fractal shape. This fractal is a modified cone shape and has its foundation in the mathematical science of compound convex forms. There are two math principles that were used to develop the fractal; the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio/Section. The cone shape was chosen as a starting point because the radius is continuously changing over the height and it reflects sound in a nonlinear fashion. The different panel sizes are a function of laying out full and partials of the same fractal. The math principles were also used to create each specific layout of each panel. Different size fractals are used to address different frequencies and no similar surfaces are facing each other.