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DTE 2015 Summer Season

As the summer season of music at DTE is gearing up, it is the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with the one-of-a kind sonic experience that the Golden Acoustics Sonic Distribution panels have to offer. Since the installation last year there have been rave reviews about the quality of sound at the titular venue. In the words of Mike St. Peter, VP of Venue Production at DTE: "I am looking back at last year and the installation of your Sonic Distribution panels and the system’s impact on the acoustic performance in our amphitheater. Its ability to equalize sonic energy and improve clarity and intelligibility truly set our venue apart from others with a ultimate listening environment that must be experienced to appreciate. The greatest response was from the audio engineers who found the room to be unusually evenly distributed from side to side and front to rear. The need for radical Equalization was gone and sound levels were reduced to gain the effect of envelopment that many artist’s desire. For the concert goer this provided an easy listening environment absent the fatigue associated with and overdriven sound system."

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