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Sound Science


Why our panels work:

The acoustical technology and design of the Golden Acoustics product line are based on the principle of humans' perception of sound, the mathematical formulae of the Golden Section, the Fibonacci sequence and the physical properties of sonic waves and their systemic integration to the room boundaries with which they interact. The result is High Definition Acoustics.

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Fractals are objects, which have scalable, repeatable properties. So, the unique form, that our distribution panels are based on, is an organically derived, balanced fractal based on a triad of the golden section. The sizing of these Golden Section fractals are such that each size has a specific frequency range, proportioned using a Fibonacci sequence, so that they distribute full spectrum sound waves. The fractals are then positioned and rotated, in relationship to one another creating an array. This is done to utilize one of nature's most profound ratios to reflect the full audio spectrum in the most efficient manner possible. Our broadband, sonic distribution panels, depending on their method of installation, help to equalize the full audio spectrum, from 20 Hz to the upper limit of hearing, 20kHz.

All our products are able to be back-filled with sound absorbing material. This can be done with mineral wool, fiberglass or poly-foam. This allows for an inexpensive method to control reverberation times for any given space.