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Golden Acoustics LLC offers a series of patented broadband Sonic Distribution Panels and supporting technologies that equalize sonic energy introducing unmatched clarity and intelligibility to any venue. GA's Sonic Distribution Panels eliminate flutter echo, standing waves and other room anomalies while optimizing reverb time across the entire audio spectrum. This passive sonic distribution technology creates the ultimate listening environment.

The Golden Acoustics Sonic Distribution Panels are based on a single, patented fractal shape called a Tricon. This Tricon is a modified cone shape and has its foundation in the mathematical science of compound convex forms. Two ancient mathematics principles are used to develop the Tricons; the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio. The math principles were also used to create each specific panel layout. Different size fractals are used to address different frequencies. Combining these developments with a unique, green material developed in cooperation with United States Gypsum Corporation (USG) creates the most effective and efficient acoustic treatment technology ever developed. The material developed by USG, called polymerized gypsum, gives the Sonic Distribution Panels a mass of 5lbs. per square foot. These panels have a Class-A fire rating and range in size from 2'x2' to 3'x8'.