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Sonic Distribution Panel Applications



Golden Acoustics' Sonic Distribution Panels

  • Creates exceptional sonic clarity
  • Equalizes the full sonic spectrum for optimum room efficiency
  • Reduce the need for bigger, more costly speakers and amps
  • Greatly reduce physical (ear) fatigue.
  • Maximizes the sweet spot.
  • For mix rooms, optimizes monitor efficiency allowing for lower volume mixes.
  • Enables project studios to deliver a multi-million dollar studio sound.
  • Allows everyone in the studio to have an equal listening experience.
  • Manage sonic energy instead of killing it.
  • Eliminate the need for expensive bass traps.

Performance Halls

Radio Stations

Film Studios

V.O. Rooms


Home Theatres

Industrial Noise Abatement/Sound Control


Home Theatres

HiFi Listening Rooms

Architectural Firms